Monday, 27 June 2016

Let’s get quizzical!

Weeeee are the champions, my friends! Well excuse us for boasting, but the Vision team were thrilled to win the Taurus Charity Quiz at the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter. The fun quiz, held on 7 June, raised much needed funds for the theatre’s Clifford Room, a hub for local groups, charities and creative societies.

We had a fantastic evening and were in great company with many of Exeter’s local businesses taking part. We tried our luck in the raffle and dined on tasty food from Feast Without Fuss. Our brainy bunch beat 9 other teams and went home with the top prize of 5 tickets to see a production at the Barnfield Theatre.

Charity quiz events are an excellent opportunity to support a worthy cause whilst publicising the work of your council and forming great relationships with your local community. Whether you choose to host an event or participate as a team, events such as these provide the chance to network with your parish, link up with local businesses and promote your services. At the same time, you are raising awareness about charities and showing your clients that you care about your community.

Putting a quiz team together also fosters better working relationships between colleagues, encouraging good communication and collaborative working, something we at Vision think is very important.

If you are unable to attend or organise a quiz, consider donating a prize to an event in your local area. Not only will you be helping charities, you will also be letting your customers know that their council has a strong commitment to social responsibility.

There are some great resources online. To get started, take a look at this helpful article from the Unicef blog:


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