Sunday, 30 January 2011

Welcome to our first Vision Blog and it is certainly exciting times for all of us at Vision ICT Ltd.

Last year we celebrated ten years of trading and we start this year by  launching our new logo, website and marketing material. We hope you like our new site which is designed to look clean, vibrant and easy to navigate. The new site also links into our Facebook and Twitter accounts and if you are reading this, our new Blog.  Let us know what you think by going to our feedback form.
The website also pulls together Vision’s three core activities –Websites, Data backup and Questionnaires onto the one site and we hope you will contact us with any enquiries you may have or if you need more  information.

Enough of all of Vision’s new developments.  Above all,  Vision will continue to provide the highest possible level of advice and support  whether you are a current client or a new client who wishes to benefit from our services. We do know from all our clients that providing you with help and support when you need it, is a vital part of our service.

So how good is the level and quality of our support? Well thanks to our on line ‘Questionnaire’ facility we are delighted to report that both in the level and the quality of our support 87% of our clients rated Vision as ‘Excellent’. A big thank you to all those who completed our survey and added your comments. We will not be complacent and we will seek to respond to your needs as you, our clients, are the strength of our company.  



  1. Are you intending to roll out a Blog facility to the web site you manage for clients. How might this work. I chair a Parish council and am receiving concerns about the amount of email traffic currently. Might a personalized blog open to councilors help in this with another open to all to communicate more widely.

  2. Yes - Vision will make a blog available to our clients and we are recommending that you may wish to use the Google Blog (the Blog we have customised on our site). We will help you set it up and also carry out the personalisation to match your website for £75 and a small annual charge.

    We believe that the blog enables the opening up of debate and discussion and may well reduce the level of email interaction that can be so time consuming.

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